Machine dynamics

Machine dynamics

Machine dynamics refer to the study of a system’s motion based on the forces acting on the system. Machine dynamics apply knowledge of engineering mechanics, especially dynamics, to the problems of real machines.

Examination of different vibrations, e.g. torsional vibrations or natural vibrations on the example of a model.

Experimental equipment used to investigate vibrations in rotating components such as shafts.

Measures such as balancing affect the mass distribution in the machine so that resulting mass forces are avoided or at least reduced to an acceptable level.

Unwanted oscillating and rotating masses in machines are reduced by means of mass balancing or ideally fully compensated.

In vibration insulation, we look at two cases: the transmission of periodic, shock-like or stochastic forces from a machine to surrounding structures or vibrations from the environment to the machine.

The aim of machinery diagnosis, also known as machinery status monitoring or condition monitoring system (CMS), is to conduct needs-based maintenance or repair and therefore to minimise the repair and downtimes of a machine.


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