Components of refrigeration

Components of refrigeration

Refrigeration engineering offers a wide range of applications in machinery and plant manufacturing, as well as in many other specialist disciplines. Due to the wide range of applications, the requirements placed on the technical implementation and thus the selection of the required components also vary.

A modular system makes it possible to independently set up refrigeration circuits with different degrees of difficulty. The individual components are connected using flexible hoses. Modular systems provide a high practical orientation.

Refrigerant compressors have the task of transporting the evaporated refrigerant from the evaporation pressure level to the condensation pressure level. They are used to feed the mechanical energy into the refrigeration cycle. In general, the compressors are electrically driven.

Heat exchangers are an elementary part of refrigerating plants. During cooling they are used to absorb the energy of the refrigerant by evaporation. During heating they release the energy set free during the condensation of the refrigerant.

The pipeline systems of refrigerating plants not only have to transport gaseous and liquid refrigerants but also the lubricant. This is why it is of key importance that the correct nominal diameter and the correct pipe routing are selected.

Through the use of primary and secondary controllers, the refrigerant pressure can be regulated at various points of a refrigerating plant in addition to the evaporating temperature and the refrigerant mass flow.

Engineering animations such as cutaway models are ideally suited to representing processes and functions. GUNT uses up-to-date original parts for its cutaway models. Movement and switching functions are maintained.

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